4 Cool Interior Decoration Ideas for You to Be Inspired By

Planning a New Interior Design From Scratch?

Planning a new interior design from scratch is always exciting because then you get to explore all the amazing possibilities and come up with unique and creative solutions. Wanting to make the space look special is only natural and we know a thing or two about that so today we’ve put together a list of 4 cool interior decoration ideas for you to be inspired by.

Have a dining table hidden inside the kitchen island

This is another cool design feature, one which you can add to the kitchen. This is a dining table that sits flush inside the kitchen island and can be pulled out and extended when needed while the rest of the time it remains unnoticeable and saves space.

Let the light shine through your staircase

Some of the coolest design ideas are created out of a need for something, whether it’s more storage space, more natural light, or something completely different. In this case, the staircase was designed in such a way that it has a cut-out that lets the light from the window floor through while also offering a nice view. There’s also a staircase storage section on one side

Take advantage of a big window with a custom seat

A large window offers many advantages, the main one being the panoramic view which can be enjoyed followed by the large amount of natural light which enters the room. Through certain design features, you can take advantage of the window in other ways as well.

Disguise your desk as a shelf

It’s now more common than ever to work from home in which case you need a space where you can do so. However, putting a desk in the middle of the living room or having one take up space all the time in the house can be an inconvenience. It would be more practical and much cooler if you could somehow get rid of the desk when you’re not using it or disguise it as something else.

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