Amazing Design Ideas for Your Window Treatments and Coverings

6 Extreme Window Coverings That You Didn’t Even Know Existed  

Hello, folks! Today, I would like to share with you some interesting design ideas which other custom drapery and window treatment specialists have produced. I really admire the creative thinking of some of my colleagues, so for me it will be a pleasure to list some of their crazy ideas which actually worked out well.

  1. Bullet proof shutters. When your personal security is your priority for selecting your home design, you should definitely consider the option of installing shutters that can withstand the blow from practically any commercially available firearm.

  2. Solar blinds to help sun to power your home. These blinds have special photovoltaic panels on the slats to generate electricity. The electricity is then stored and used to power your home through the night.

  3. LED blinds to illuminate any room better. They have many LED bulbs on them and can also serve as a giant media wall.

  4. Eco window blankets. They are perfect for homeowners who lose a lot of heat through some openings in their house (mainly their windows). Eco window blankets keep heat from escaping through your windows by reducing conductive heat loss with 50%-70%.

  5. High-resolution printed windows shades. As an interior designer, I must admit that these were invented by a true genius. They allow you to display a view entirely different from what you can actually see out of your windows. These shades allow you to have the scenery that you desire and are extremely useful for office buildings in cluttered industrial areas.

  6. Camo blinds. These can give any home a hint of nature and are one of the hottest trends on the market of countryside style window treatments. These blinds are usually hand painted which makes them a bit more expensive.

At Tony Torres Interiors Inc you can get many more ideas on customized drapery and blinds to fit your home or office. If you are seeking a reliable interior designer in Denver, CO to make your window treatments, I am the right person for you. Call me at (720) 248-0645, and we can discuss your ideas now! This month, there is a 20% discount on custom drapery fabrication that you can take advantage of!

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