Creative Holiday Window Covering Ideas

Decorate Your Windows for Christmas – Learn How!  

If you can decorate your entire home for the Holidays, why not decorating your windows as well? Today, I’m going to share with you a few colorful festive window covering ideas that will cheer you up every time you look at your windows. Read on if you want to gain some inspiration!

  • Hang your favorite cute vintage aprons or ornamental towels at your windows. They will add a really festive touch to your kitchen interior.

  • Craft your own window snowflakes and instead of sticking them directly on the glass window that you want to decorate, create a few garlands out of them and hang them from the cornice that you usually use to hang your window treatments. The final result should look like a little snowflake blizzard.

  • A beaded garland can be the ideal window jewelry to complement your every day window treatments. This decoration is suitable for open space living room areas because they add a more aristocratic and luxurious look.

  • Use Christmas tree decoration balls and hang them on different colored ribbons. Attach the ribbon using an asymmetrical pattern to the window cornice. Although such clash of color may look a bit too festive in the beginning, you will see that colors actually will help you get into your festive mood.

  • Add midwinter street window stickers. They should preferably be white, especially if you already have decorated the rest of your homes much more than the windows and you feel like adding extra color will be a bit over the top.

For more festive window covering tips, you can always consult Tony Torres Interiors Inc! Call me at (720) 248-0645, and I will make sure to come visit you in your home in Denver, CO in order to help you design your window decoration plan! I can help you make your home sparkle!

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