How to Know if You Have a Poor Window Design

Signs of a Bad Window Installation  

If you have recently replaced your home windows but something seems odd about it. Maybe you’ve noticed that even if your windows are new, it’s still working the same way your old windows were. If you are not sure yet if something is really wrong with it, you should check if it’s poorly designed. Here are ways to check your new window design:

Check If it Fits Perfectly

It’s important that your home window design fits perfectly. With this, it can help insulate the temperature inside your home. You can tell if your windows do not fit perfectly even if you’re standing nearly a mile away. Also, when you try to open or close it, you’ll see how flimsy it is.

Check If It Works Properly

It may take a while for one to notice a newly installed window if you can open or close it properly. But during winter, you will have a hard time opening it if it’s exposed to cold weather. As the summer hits, you’ll likely either have a hard time opening it or that it’s not closing properly. You can determine a well-designed window if it works well even during the cold or hot season.

Check for Damage or Cracks

If your windows are installed properly, it will less likely develop any cracks or damage. If it cracks even if it’s new, your contractors have not properly measured everything. If it’s too tightly placed, it could crack once you open it.

Visible Caulking

The caulking is a sealant that has a clay texture. If you happen to notice this around the corners of your windows, it means that your windows are poorly installed. This sealant is placed in order to seal the gaps but if it’s not applied properly, the pests can pass through the gaps.

Check for Discoloration

It’s a bad sign if your newly installed windows are starting to look yellowish. If it’s badly installed, the discoloration can start.

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