No Interior Decoration Is Good Enough Without the Proper Window Treatments

The Most Suitable Fabrics for Different Curtain Styles  

As a specialist in custom drapery, I could not help noticing that my colleagues dealing with interior decoration are often underestimating the role of window treatments for the overall picture of your home’s interior, especially in bedroom and livingroom areas. Shutters are nice, but it is the draperies that make a room look really cozy. In order to help you realize their importance and at the same time choose the ones which will best match the rest of your interior and budget, I have decided to dedicate this post to common drapery fabrics. Read on if you are interested to find out which fabrics are trendy now!


Pros: This material is incredibly versatile and easy to clean.

Cons: Some stiffer cottons are not suitable for graceful drapering styles.


Pros: The open weave provides texture and refinement,and allows more light in.

Cons: Some linen can only be dry-cleaned, so it is not good idea for rooms with windows that get very dusty or are opened too often and get dirty.


Pros: Refined, yet light, silk catches the breeze and falls beautifully.

Cons: It is often too sheer to screen light and views very well unless it is lined.


Pros: It cuts glare while still filtering light which makes such curtains great for rooms where you need more privacy and at the same time do not want to spend time opening and shutting curtains all day long.

Cons: It needs to be paired with a heavier curtain if you use it for your bedroom because of its inability to completely block light.


Pros: It adds a luxurious touch to any room. Its plush weight also offers privacy and good insulation from sunlight and drafts.

Cons: Velvet curtains are too heavy and formal. They can also be really expensive.


Pros: Wool drapes are beautiful and strong enough to support heavy embellishments like tassels and fringe.

Cons: Although summer-weight wool is all seasonal, it is not suitable for beach areas where the level of moisture is too high. Wool gets easily damaged by water and can shrink disproportionately. It can only be dry-cleaned for the same reason.

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