What Is Involved in Classic Interior Design?

Want an Interior Design That Is Soothing?  

Does your personality lean more to earth tones, peace and tranquility, and perfect symmetry? If so, then you should be looking more to a classic interior design, for more tips on how to achieve this, read our Tony Torres Interiors Inc post.

This type of design has its roots as far back as the Greeks and Romans, it is based upon balance, order, and total harmony. It will not in any way include any modern elements or current influences. Instead, it is drenched in tradition, to distinguish classical design from other types, it is important that you first understand the idea behind the concept or focal point.

Classically designed rooms will generally contain large focal points, such as a fireplace, grand table, or an impressive staircase. Once a designer has chosen what the focus will be, the rest of the items in the room will be placed to enhance the look of the focal point.

The idea behind this is to create a sense of total symmetry. Should a classic design be sliced down the middle, one side would be a mirror for the other side. Everything from the lighting to how pictures are placed inside a room must be immaculate.

The colors used are frequently inspired by Mother Nature, and the likes of browns, deep blues, green, yellow, and earth tones like terracotta can regularly be found within classical spaces. Also, black is sometimes used to outline important items, and objects like Roman columns, busts, and large vases are quite common within classic interior design themes.

As with most materials used in a classical space, fabrics must be muted. Cotton, linen, and other durable fabrics are frequently used to create a classic theme. Designers looking to add some splash to a classical room can choose taffeta and silks, in addition to cotton and linen. Velvet is often used in abundance, although this is best used as an upholstery fabric.

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