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You might have just bought your dream home, but without a stylish design, the space may look unwelcoming. Whether your living place is small or large, a professional interior designer will furnish you with what you need for a beautiful and well-organized home. Do not ignore the importance of house design services and contact Tony Torres Interiors Inc for a consultation. Discover a variety of genius ideas from our professional company in Denver, CO that we wish to share with you here.

The Services We Offer:

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Kitchen & Bathroom Design
What do your kitchen and bathroom need to look comfortable and cozy? We are talented and creative interior designers who know the answer to that question. Once we check out the space and perform a few measurements, we will have the perfect recommendation for you. Our interior design services encompass styles for residential and commercial rooms and premises.

Window Design & Window Coverings

Window Design & Window Coverings
Want to make your living space cozier than ever? We provide professional window design services that involve tips and tricks for window coverings, such as blinds, curtains, draperies, etc. Our company also supplies high-quality, custom window treatments from some of the most prominent manufacturers in the industry, guaranteeing quality and durability.

Space Planning & Furniture Placement, Complete Home Furnishings & Accessories

Space Planning & Furniture Placement, Complete Home Furnishings & Accessories
We are one of the top-rated local interior design companies that provide advice and consultations for furniture placement. Our specialists comply with the client’s style, preferences, and the size of the rooms when suggesting specific ideas. We will help you purchase the ideal furnishings for your house, office, store, or gallery, along with additional accessories, like different pieces of artwork or mirrors, for example.

Lighting Design

Lighting Design
The lighting in your house or commercial building is crucial. Talk to our trained experts about the options available for your space. We provide adequate space planning and lighting design services. Every room has a unique feel. We try to make the bedrooms and living room as cozy as possible. Call us before you purchase your light fixtures.

Further Services

Further Services
Our professional staff can offer you a multitude of adequate notions for furniture, bedding, upholstery, and additional room accessories. We also provide face-to-face consultations for building and remodeling projects and different property upgrades. You can contact us for paint & color consultations, staging, and concierge services, too.

The Benefits

Need to talk to a competent interior decorator? Call our team of trained and experienced designers to make your residence or commercial premises comfortable and enthralling. We will provide you with the exact advice based on your tastes, preferences, and needs. Call us for affordable and efficient consultation services.

Reliable Cooperation

Our local interior decoration experts provide individual, face-to-face consultations and meetings for house staging projects. We can tell you how to mix different patterns, textures, and colors. We can advise you on shopping for the right furnishings, mirrors, window treatments, bedding, and upholstery for your comfy and beautiful space.

Are you curious to find out more about our services and pricing policy in Denver, CO? Do not delay and contact Tony Torres Interiors Inc. To ask all your questions, call us today.


We Were Speechless

These designers are true experts in their craft. It was a very good, refreshing experience for our entire family. Their interior design services are very useful and professional. The perfect advice for our house space planning. Thank you!

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